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This poem was commended in the Poetry Society's annual Stanza Competition in 2020.

On Draining the St. Martin Canal


I had thought that I preferred its placid waters

that trade a Lethe forgetfulness for our reflections 

in soft focus, encourage a belief in the metaphysical, 

a fantasy of fish dancing beneath sun-speckled 

mirrorballs to the Gauloises wheeze of an accordion;


but when they drained the St Martin Canal, what they found,

along with the remains of mangled vélibs, legless chairs, 

the ribs of umbrellas stripped of their skin, a gutted safe,

incriminating pistols, eyeless cameras, mopeds mid-escape,

a ghetto blaster frozen in play, and wine bottles by the tonne,

was Truth: the truth about how the BoBos live after dark, 

and that, beneath their watery veneer, they are not gods, 

nor shamans of l’esprit du temps, but pigs just like us, 

and I discovered that we are in love with the idea of Paris,

and that I prefer her honestly disrobed, laid bare,

because I am in awe of you, and that, having drained me 

down to the muddy wreckage at my core, still 

you choose to love me and the myth of me all the same.




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