An Essex Parish

An Essex Parish is a sequence of poems that tell a story of murder and redemption, reflecting modern events against Essex's religious and violent Anglo-Saxon history.

This first collection by David Canning includes his mountain poems in The Eternal Mountain, which draws on his experiences as a climber and mountaineer, and in A History of the Troubles, he explores relationship, family, love and loss.


The Celestial Spheres

In this, his second collection, David Canning has assembled poems that reflect upon our inter-connectedness, and our search for the things that bring us significance, satisfaction or security.


Moving through themes of ambition, wisdom, inconstancy, war, love and spirituality, the poems recall Dante's celestial spheres, the crystalline globes into which the planets and stars were once thought to be fixed, and which it was believed invisibly influenced human affairs.

Ornith-ology, the poetry of birds

This anthology has something for everyone who delights in birds and in language.  Not deliberately thematic it looks at identifying features, habitats, habits, environment, folklore and anecdotes.  Essentially it is a celebration of how the ubiquitous birds enhance our lives.


Featuring poets from Colchester Mosaic and Poetry Wivenhoe and edited by Tim Cunningham, Ornith-ology includes David's poem 'Shelduck' which deals with how language and the way we name things (such as birds) can be affected by our history as a people.  


£7.00 plus P&P. 

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